Julian Selvanayagam

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Beginnings

Papa was very well looked after by his friend. Mr. Nadarajah told Papa to rest for a few days, and to be refreshed. He told Papa that he would try to get him a job as soon as possible. So after a week of rest, Mr. Nadarajah came home with the good news that there was a job available as a junior clerk in the Police Station itself. Papa got the job, and began working as a junior clerk. His first pay was Straits Dollars Twenty! To Papa, it was such a great blessing.

Within a short while, Papa did very well in his job, and was confirmed. After one year, he was promoted to being a clerk. His pay was now Straits Dollars Twenty Five. He worked very diligently, and he was very frugal. He managed to send money to Ceylon to support his siblings in school. He also managed to save some money for his future as well. He had very simple meals, and he lived a very simple life. He tried to save every cent that he could. His friend, Mr. Nadarajah, was very kind and helpful to him, and always encouraged him.


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