Julian Selvanayagam

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Final Leg-- Raub to Kuala Lipis

When Papa woke up in the morning, he felt much better! Some one had reached out to him and helped him. It lifted his spirits,and there was a sense of hope now. This kind man and his wife asked Papa to stay for a day or two, to be refreshed, before he continued his journey. Papa thanked this couple profusely for their hospitality and kindness to him. He was very grateful to them, but he wanted to reach his destination as soon as he could. So this couple packed some rice and vegetables in banana leaves, gave him a bottle of water, and gave him some money as well. Papa was overwhelmed, and was in tears, at their kindness.

The final leg had begun! He had no idea as to what lay ahead of him. He knew of the many dangers that he could face along the way. But he had to press on! So with the trunk on his head, he was on his way.

This time, he passed three groups of labourers working to improve the rough road that was there. He took his breaks near these groups of workers for safety. The workers encouraged him on, and that helped him. It was a long and weary walk, lonely, tiring, and frightening. This time though, he had some food to eat, and water to drink.

Eventually, he reached the town of Kuala Lipis! Now, he had to locate his friend who was working in the Police Station. When he finally found the Police Station, he asked for Mr. Nadarajah. Someone at the Police Station took Papa to the quarters where Mr. Nadarajah was staying. When he finally met Mr. Nadarajah, he wept with joy. He had finally arrived at his destination-- alive!!!

Mr. Nadarajah and his friends were amazed when Papa shared with them about his journey from Port Swettenham to Kuala Lipis.

They gave him a room to stay in, and after a bath, they gave him dinner, and he went to sleep. He was very tired, but he was overjoyed that he had made it! That night, he slept very soundly.


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