Julian Selvanayagam

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bentong to Raub

When Papa woke up in the morning, he was really feeling very sad and miserable. He was wondering if he had made a mistake leaving Ceylon. At least there, he had a job, his siblings were there, and he had food to eat, and water to drink. Now, he had nothing! He looked around, and found a public tap, and he took a good, long drink there. But he was not able to get any food to eat. There were Malays and Chinese people there,but he could not communicate with them. When he found an Indian man, he asked for directions to Raub.

Again,he began his trek. He knew that it was a shorter journey than the previous day's one. And that was a big relief to him. Again, it was through the thick,virgin jungles of Pahang. There was danger all along the way, from wild animals. This time, he passed two groups of labourers, along the way. He managed to drink water from some streams along the way, but he was not fortunate to get any food along the way.

The trunk felt heavier and heavier,as time went by. He felt afraid of making a wrong turn, and getting lost in the thick jungle. He determined to push on. He took short breaks to rest, and then, he pushed on. He saw a small herd of wild elephants along one stretch, and he ran and hid in the bushes. After they had gone off, he resumed his journey.

Eventually, he reached Raub. He was really tired and very hungry, as he had not had any food to eat that whole day. He met an Indian man, and in desperation, asked him for some food to eat. The man asked him where he was coming from, and when Papa explained his situation, this man asked him to follow him to his home. There, his wife gave him food to eat and water to drink. He had a bath-- his first since he began his journey from Port Swettenham! They gave him a mat and a pillow, and he slept soundly in this home.


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