Julian Selvanayagam

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

1926-- The Great Floods

During the time that Papa worked in Kuala Lipis, there was an event that left an indelible mark on the whole town!

The monsoon had started, and the rains were pouring down. Day and night, the rains continued. The level in the two rivers began to rise and rise. Soon, it had reached Jelai Street, and it was still rising. People were evacuated to higher ground. The rising waters were almost reaching Main Street. There was panic and people did nor know what to do. The waters came on to Main Street, but fortunately, the Police Station was a few feet higher. Finally, the rains subsided, and the water level began to recede. Even to this day, the water level is marked on the buildings, to remind the people of that frightening experience of the people of Kuala Lipis.

There have been many floods in Kuala Lipis since that time, but none have ever reached the level of the Great Floods of 1926!


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